Pragmatic and Black

I have to address 2 things that keeps popping up re: this election...

1) Black people saying that I should vote for Sen. Obama 'because he's Black'
2) Christians running the 'we have to be pragmatic' aka the 'lesser of two evils' argument. I even heard a sister say that she is angered by 'one issue Christians'

I have even been told that it is time for 'pragmatism over faith'

I am going to remove the faith issue from this discussion, because the reality is that we (People in general, Christians specifically) seem to forget that God is not democratic. God clearly is 'pro-free will', and pro-decision', but just as clearly gives us plenty of instruction on the choices and decisions we must make. The body of Christ is not a democracy, and we preachers/pastors (especially American ones) have failed miserably by doing/teaching/advocating convenience and political correctness and dare I say it…Pragmatism over Holiness, Righteousness, and Truth. This is something that the Lord will deal with us very harshly for, without doubt. We have failed to realize that the most pragmatic posture for any man or woman, is to have faith in the God of the Bible.

(This of course would be the point where I throw a bunch of scripture in to make the point further. I will not do that)

That said, let me look at this situation "pragmatically…"

* Executive Order versus referendum, and 'because he's black'…

Should I be concerned that we are moving increasingly swiftly towards a society where the will of the people is ignored completely, and new laws are imposed without discussion? Yes. In the Planned Parenthood speech, Sen. Obama makes it clear that he understands the value of Judicial appointments, and their potential to affect policy for generations to come.
I can say that based on current and past statements that he has made, including this gem. In 2001, Sen. Obama said:

"Whenever we define a previable fetus as a person … it would essentially bar abortions, because the equal protection clause does not allow somebody to kill a child, and if this is a child, then this would be an anti-abortion statute. For that purpose, I think it would probably be found unconstitutional."

That said, as I am not a liberal, I am concerned about who he will appoint during his presidency. The "executive order' phenomenon is of course one of the hallmarks of the despotic Bush regime, but they are not alone.
Watch this...

Most of these pro-black, pro-Obama, pragmatic Christians are opposed to gay marriage
Here are a couple of examples, and I will use some black folk as examples, and a situation that we both agree is unacceptable:

1)Our (NYC's) first black mayor signs an executive order making 'domestic partnerships' legal in NY on Jan 7, 1993. Did we vote on that? NO

This was of course masked by the fact that it included heterosexual couples, but the reality is that there is no point in a heterosexual couple doing a 'domestic partnership' because they can, in the same office just get married. This was solely for the benefit of the homosexual community.

(Let me say right here that I am FOR civil unions for homosexual couples. As we do not live in a theocracy, each person should be able to make full use of the rights and privileges of citizenship. There are certain guarantees that gay and lesbians do not have without civil union. I am AGAINST gay MARRIAGE, because of:
a) The Word of God (No explanation necessary, gay apologists notwithstanding)
b) The long-term legal ramifications and legal and economic effects on churches in this country.
c) The contribution to the continued social and moral breakdown of our religious institutions.

2)Our (NY's) first black Governor made gay marriage legal in New York State on May 29 2008. Did we vote on that? NO

This was done in a roundabout way, done on the sly, announced two weeks later, by executive order, not by referendum, shocking even the State Government.

The gay perspective on it here:

Speaking 'Prophetically' – Our first black President, in an attempt to shore up Roe v. Wade, appoints the liberal judges who will reinterpret the very nature of the Constitution, leading to the legalization of LGBT marriage. Will we vote on it? NO.
Some churches will say no to performing marriages, they will then be sued under the Federal anti-discrimination act, and then stripped of their 501c3 tax exemptions, and subject to massive civil lawsuits. Am I reaching here? Not at all. It has already begun on the state level. The recent Ocean Grove Methodist Camp lawsuit is the perfect example.

· Now, for the issue of abortion, the Planned Parenthood link, and the destruction of black people:

Being pragmatic here, and looking strictly at numbers:
1) Being black first, how do I make sense of the statistics?
Why are we 13% of the population, but have 36% of the abortions?
Would I not have to deduce think that there is a plan afoot to kill us?

As I have pointed out elsewhere in this blog, the founder of Planned Parenthood was a eugenicist who wanted to exterminate ALL black people. In many ways her plans still exist

Here is further proof of this:
(By the way, YouTube has blocked the videos being reposted)

2) For you Sisters, how do you make sense of the rhetoric, when the facts state otherwise?

The popular pro-choice movement's position states that a woman has a right to have an abortion for any reason she prefers during the entire nine months of pregnancy, whether it be for gender-selection, convenience, or rape.

As I read recently in a excellent post on
To argue for abortion on demand from the hard cases of rape and incest is like trying to argue for the elimination of traffic laws from the fact that one might have to violate some of them in rare circumstances, such as when one's spouse or child needs to be rushed to the hospital. Proving an exception does not establish a general rule.

The rape and/or incest reasoning, while highly emotionally charged, and truly horrific is actually responsible for less than one percent (1%) of all abortions in the United States. The health of the mother accounts for another one percent or so (1%) fetal abnormality accounts for another three percent (3%) meaning that

Roughly ninety five percent (95%) of the abortions in this country are 'elective' (translated: It is about convenience)

Statistics here,
and here.

Also, the argument that abortion somehow prevents child abuse is fallacious, in that you can't get more abused then when you're killed by your mother.

Yes I know, the PC terminology is 'Products of conception' instead of fetus, or baby. 'Terminate the pregnancy' instead of kill the child, 'Pro-choice' instead of Pro-death. 'Center for reproductive health', instead of abortion clinic. But aren't those terms in fact correct? Speaking pragmatically of course.

What is not discussed is the fact that many, many women deal with the mental, emotion, physical, and dare I say Spiritual effects of convenience abortion for many years. I know firsthand (from counseling, & speaking with women, friends and family who had convenience abortions, sometimes several) the pain and regret that is caused. This is because we have been fed the line about 'a woman's right to choose' as though there is no consequence, no effect, and no cost. Those who are pro-death argue that there will be women who would be forced to carry children to term, and then kill themselves. I agree that there may be a few. But what of those who have regretted abortions and killed themselves, (and sometimes others) like Laura Grunas did??

If you are advocating that abortion be ONLY in the cases of rape or incest, or the health of the mother (life-threatening situations) or fatal fetal abnormality, we would be talking about doing away with 95% of the abortions in the US, and that will not happen as long as Planned Parenthood exists. It is an all or nothing proposition, period.

* Pragmatism over Faith

As black people we must realize that the one thing that has brought us this far is in fact Faith. Looking at things pragmatically, we would still be slaves, or still face Jim Crow, wholesale lynching and more. Why? Because by definition, pragmatism is (according to
A practical, matter-of-fact way of approaching or assessing situations or of solving problems.

Pragmatism dictates that Harriet Tubman should never have run away, Booker T. Washington should have stayed on the Plantation, Malcolm X should have continued to be a criminal, Rosa Parks should have got her self up and moved to the back of the bus, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. should have stayed in Georgia and preached sermons about heaven, Frederick Douglass should never have tried to learn to read… Should I continue?

Throughout our history in this country all we've ever had was faith in God. It has been the constant source of hope, the empowering energy for all that we have acheived and attained. How can we afford to be 'pragmatic' now?


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