Basia: Yearning

"tender feelings heal with flowers
when your woes and sorrows leave you
for the state of endless sadness or
uncompleted mourning--
take star of Bethlehem,
there's willow if bitter, when helpless--
wild rose,
some sunshine wattle revives all lost hopes"
but for a simple case of longing--
what are we to do when homeless in our
hearts and souls

some of us take daring chances following our
the passion we can trust...
others just cannot sit still--
they're driven by the power of mighty
wherever we go, God, we're trying so hard
to make every place feel like home left behind
but despite of all endeavors--nothing
as ever--we're homeless in our hearts...

But I'm yearning no more
'cause i found my home in you
and now it's where i belong
i gave up the world to be with you

come to me, I'll soothe your yearning...

is this what you've always dreamed of
the aim of our desire is hard to recognize
it often stares you in the face and yet, against
all reason,
takes the longest time to find
you circle the globe, go native, go far...
but it's not a country or a town, not a house...
what's the use of distant travel if only to
discover--you're homeless in your heart

But I'm yearning no more
'cause I found my home in you
and now it's where i belong
I gave up the world to be with you

so come to me, let me soothe your yearning...


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