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Why I haven’t written about our trip to Germany…

We’ve been back for 3 weeks now, and I haven’t written a thing. For me, this is of course unusual…
But here’s the situation: Though I left Germany 3 weeks ago, Germany hasn’t left me alone; more specifically, one German in particular. One that I have never met in person, but whose words are messing my head up on a daily basis.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer is his name, and his book “The Cost of Discipleship” is what is tormenting me. Literally. I have NEVER before read a book that I have to keep putting down every couple of pages. (I have been reading and reading pages 59-62 for a week now)

This book is like trying to pick a rose. A huge and very beautiful and fragrant rose with thorns sharper than razor blades… Literally every touch cuts, and cuts deep.
But it is worth it.
I am being challenged, edified, encouraged, broken and strengthened
Good Book, I tell you.
This is a GREAT BOOK, but it is not for the weak nor for the faint of heart!
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Thank me later...