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4 oranges.

While you are complaining about $5 gas, and rising food prices. Stop and consider for moment, Zimbabwe. This week, facing 2.2 MILLION% inflation, yes 2.2 MILLION% inflation, released the first ever Z$100 BILLION note....
Independent economists, however, believe the official inflation figure is grossly understated, estimating it could be running between 10-million and 15-million percent.

Zimbabwe's chronic economic crisis has left at least 80% of the population living below the poverty threshold and mass shortages of basic goods in shops.

The new bill issue continues a trend which began In January,when a Z$10-million note was issued, then a Z$50-million note in April. In May, notes for Z$100-million and Z$250-million were issued, swiftly followed by those for Z$5-billion, Z$25-billion and Z$50-billion.
Some perspective for you: Cell phone minutes cost about Z$4 Million, and the new Z$100 Billion note will buy about... 4 oranges.

There is no need for commentary ... At least not from me.…

JERMIN IN 08! We Are Back!

So, I have had a change of heart. I am officially back in the race for the Presidency of these United States. The two presumptive nominees sicken me to be honest, and I felt that the best way to help this country would be to run for office; the highest office in this land, and the most powerful elected office in the world.
Initially, I had decided to withdraw due to a lack of support, but after a dear friend suggested my name on a Paltalk radio show, things took off. The groundswell has been incredible, and the buzz so great, that I have no choice but to re-enter the race, and do all that I can to serve the country that I love...

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Diagnosis Day

So I had my hopes up today, because I was going to see the Dr.
Today was the day I was to get my results, and find out what’s happening with my health: the condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit; especially: freedom from physical disease or painb: the general condition of the body Here’s the deal:
I passed “The stress Test” 10:30 on the treadmill of torture with no problems
As for my blood work, the LDL (Bad) Cholesterol was good, (137), but the
HDL (good) Cholesterol was bad (too low at 37). My blood is like my brain, a study in contrasts….
This means of course that though we are ruling things out, we haven’t hit on the crux of the matter yet. This though no longer worries me.
Officially then, today was not ‘Diagnosos day’ it was.
‘One less thing to worry about’ day

On the Theological side: I find that I may have more in common with Jean Calveaux then I though I did before reading this book. Does that make me a Calvinist? Nope, still leaning towards Arminius, as far as predest…

The stress BEFORE the test

*** Please note that the following is not for children. Those who know me, know how I think, so you shouldn't be surprised***

I had a stress test yesterday. Actually, since I saw the Doctor 6/28, I have been having a stress test Every day, and I wasn’t passing. (The post under this one discusses my take on Angina) I was letting the stress over the test get the best of me, but when I stepped off the treadmill yesterday, the stress test was officially over. Whatever happens going forward will be dealt with, and I cannot, will not, shorten my life by worrying about that which I do not know… Concerning my life, God has the final say.

For those who have never had a stress test, it goes something like this:

12 hours before:
Stop eating/drinking. No coffee, no sugar, no chocolate, they don’t want any stimulants in your system, your fear causes enough adrenaline I guess.

The morning of:
No powder or lotion… (I put deodorant on, no way I was gonna be funky, man)

7:30 am,
Wife and daughter in tow…

Of Rodents, Books, Aretha and Angina

What do these seemingly unrelated things have in common?
They are all things that have caused me to re-evaluate my thinking recently.This is actually a good thing, in that one must periodically self-assess, and if necessary, course correct. Far too few people do this, and I am sure this is one of the reasons that we are in the place we are as a society today.First off, the Rodents.Even as I type right now, I hear them running on the ‘Silent’ exercise wheel, which is of course supposed to be impossible because if it’s silent you shouldn’t be able to hear it, right?Anyway, last week one of them, (the docile one) got out of the cage, and spent the night on the outside. Thankfully she didn’t get caught in any of the traps that I had set out for the illegal immigrants (see the 4/29 blog) and my wife was able to catch and recage her the next day. What was poignant about it was my daughter’s reaction. She was depressed all day because she was worried about the thing… It made me realize with a…