The Obama-Nation delusion

I apologize dear reader, the next post was supposed to be one in which I explain why I find John S.McCain (JSM) completely unacceptable as a Presidential candidate. That is coming, but I must first address a problematic theme that I see.

In the past week, I have heard the Democratic Party’s nominee, Sen. Barack H. Obama (BHO), described as: ‘The man of God’, I have heard his nomination acceptance speech described as reminiscent of Moses on the mount, and I have heard that 'God is pro- Obama', because he allowed hurricanes to hit during the Republican Convention, while there was perfect weather during the Democratic convention..
I have heard Gov. Sarah Palin (the Republican’s VP candidate) described as ‘evil’, ‘the same as a Jihadist’,'dangerous' and ‘not of God’, and unbelievably 'The Whore of Babylon'. Mind you, this was all from 'Christians'.

I have received emails, which state that if she is elected, it would be like having someone strap bombs to America and blow up the nation. I have received emails with altered photos of Gov. Palin scantily or suggestively clothed. I have been told that the Republicans are doing ‘witchcraft against Obama’ and I have been asked more than once to be a part of a ‘Prayer chain for Obama’. From Christians...

When I have spoken out against the larger ramifications of his gay rights position (from a purely Biblical standpoint), I have been called ‘intolerant’. When I have pointed out his endorsement of abortion, and his carrying of a Hindu monkey god statue for ‘luck’ (something that a Christian would and should never do), I have been called a liar, and the news items that proved this deemed fraudulent.

(Here is a link to a BBC article that you might want to read. The key quote is:
"We have heard that he carries a small monkey charm in his pocket. So he is a devotee of Hanuman. That's why we want to present him with this idol," - Brij Mohan Bhama.)

When I questioned his donning a yarmulke and praying at the western wall, I was told that I was the one with the problem, not him.
This again, was from 'Christians'

I have been told that I should vote for him because he’s black. Because he's not a 'rich white man'. I’ve been told to vote for him because it’s time to give a black man a chance to mess up, since the white man has had plenty of chances already….
The most troubling aspect of it all, again, is that
ALL of this has come from ‘Christians’!
What do I make of this?

I have come to a two-fold conclusion about this:
1) As my best friend says, Christians are great at applying Politics to the Gospel, but Lousy at applying the Gospel to their Politics...

2) We preachers need to repent. We have fostered a fraudulent, dishonest invincibility. We say things like 'Touch not God's anointed', 'Follow Me as I follow Christ', and other such things with bold and imperious tones and sweeping majestic gestures.
We have been guilty of Spiritual Abuse, injecting ourselves and our self-ascribed authority into every aspect of or congregants' lives. Those who think for themselves or question our authority are separated out, ostracized and shunned. We tell the others that those people are 'not like us'.

All of this is designed to anesthetize and dumb down the people for the purposes of control, power and influence. We have been wildly successful. As such, the people have been taught not to think, not to question, and to automatically respond with rabid obedience and fealty to those who are in any way similar to our preachers. Needless to say, Barack Obama is one such...

We have spawned a generation of Rabid Pavlovian sheep, who act without thinking, attack without provocation, and are easily led astray.

God Forgive us...


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