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My Place in this world??

Several years ago, I song was out called ‘Place in this World’
The chorus said the following:

Looking for a reason. Roaming through the night to find
My place in this world, My place in this world
Not a lot to lean on, I need your light to help me find
My place in this world. My place in this world

The song used to make me feel anywhere from vaguely annoyed to nauseated, and I did not understand why. Today, years later, when I have not heard the song in many moons, it hit me.

We have a place, it is at His Feet!


I had to rethink my position when Brownie & Cream moved in…Brownie & Cream are my daughter’s new Hamsters. They are cute.I made a promise to my daughter that once we returned from Germany I would get hamsters for her. I kept my word…..We traveled for miles to get to the store, purchased the hamsters, and I even had to complete paperwork attesting to my ability to care for the ‘animal companions’ that I was purchasing. We watched as the salesman opened the aquarium that they were housed in, and pulled them, one by one from their home, and placed them in a cardboard box. They were VERY upset about it.They were not coming of their own volition, but complain though they did, it was beyond their control. They belong to my daughter now…
We went all out for the new additions, we bought the “Critter Trail II” Duplex home, with the silent exercise wheel, and the “Loop-D-Loop” add on. The jumbo sized bedding, and the deluxe, specially blended hamster food, I mean we went all out…When we …

Why Berlin?

This is a reprint of a post from March, which is in a sense, the prequel to the post I am working on now, having returned from Germany
Why Berlin?The first time that I traveled to Berlin, Germany to minister, I felt awkward. I had never been on a ’Missions’ trip before, and for me, "Missions" was defined as: Taking food, clothing, and other physical necessities to the needy and less fortunate in other places. The necessities were a means of spreading the Gospel.. So I was saying to God.. Germany?! GERMANY?!?!Why not Africa, or Asia, The Middle East, The Caribbean?… Truthfully, what I was really saying to God was, Why Europe? Why Europeans?? They don’t need anything Lord, they’ve GOT everything… (But they don’t have ME, He said… Matthew 16:26)At that point I had to consider my views on a few things, and my life was about to change….God had a plan.On the surface, He sent me to Berlin to teach about Worship, and to start a choir at the Berlin International Church. They asked for…

A conversation..

4/24/08 - As I came out of the subway yesterday, I saw Ronnie, and he was crying. He was standing by the payphone crying. Our eyes locked, and I could see his pain, his anguish, and he knew that I saw it….but I kept walking, because I had to get to work. Ronnie wasn't crying, he was weeping. But I kept walking. I got around the corner, and was flooded by Compassion and conviction. Clearly this man needed help, but what could I do?
The scene had startled me, surprised me…Why was I surprised? Did I not expect homeless people to have feelings? Are they such a fixture in New York, that we (I) just walk by, passing them like I (we) pass the ubiquitous refuse on the street? I was ashamed, and immediately repented….I stood debating with God as I looked at my watch, looked in my wallet,("Lord all I have is this $10 bill" "Well then give him that" "But what about if I break it and give him $5? No answer… I guess $10 it is) then went back around the corner…. But even…