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Sin and Forgiveness: My (final?) public thoughts on the Eddie Long mess (Part One)

It is true that I pastor a house or simple church, but in my travels, I have spent many years in the ‘traditional’ denominational system, and in the Mega-Church.
During my Mega-church time, the pastor began to teach what he called ‘principles’. At first I was impressed by this new thing, thinking it to be innovative, clever, and full of wisdom. But subtly, almost imperceptibly, they began to supplant what they were intended to supplement. The scripture
(Please note that I will be dealing with this in a later blog post)

I do however remember two of the principles, which are apropos in this moment:

1) Error increases with distance and
2) Success reinforces error

What do these things mean, you ask?
Consider the following:
1), the further that you are away from an object, a concept, an event or a truth, the harder it is to properly discern just what it is/was. Perception is skewed by things that create distance, like time, and actual space (distance). This increases the potential for and probab…