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Thoughts on the sovereignty of God

Note:This piece came out of a debate that I was having on Facebook with a dear brother who is of the Arminian/Wesleyan/point of view...
As I see it, the core problem here,  as always, is the sovereignty issue.
Either we believe that salvation is a sovereign act of a sovereign God , or we believe that God’s will and salvific action is somehow secondary, or subordinate to man’s.
So many believe that in fact God can only offer, in hopes that man will respond, but since they do not want to go quite that far, they’ll say that He, knowing that you would choose Him, chose you first. This is how most people try to rationalize Romans 8, and the doctrine of predestination. But it is, if you think about it carefully, quite silly actually. We ascribe complete sovereignty and omnipotence to God up until we get to man’s will.
This appears to be God’s Kryptonite. He has the power to create and hang the stars, but cannot determine whether or not I’ll get saved without first using His time vision to peek i…