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Jerry Jack 1962 - 2011

The following is the text of the eulogy for my cousin as I had originally prepared to deliver it . At the actual service, there was some editing due to the fact that so many people expressed similar sentiments,  which only attested to the type of man that Jerry was...

This is always a strange time, the time right after the passing of a loved one. It is a transitional place, not for the departed one, but for us. Kind of like the first couple of weeks in the New Year, when you write the wrong year down, it is a time of adjustment…
It is that time when we use was and is interchangeably when we speak of our loved one.
“She is, I mean was…” 
We’ve all done it.

I heard it the other night, as I had the pleasure, the honor of listening to Toni, Jene, Lona and Terry talk about Jerry, the is’ and was’ flowing together in a conversation that became a frenzy, a whirlwind of Love.

Love For Jerry, for who he was, and Who he is

I want to share the frenzy of Love as best I can with you all…

I listen…

An open letter to those who think I am too hard...

and feel led to send me notes cautioning me…

Thanks for taking the time to write me, I REALLY appreciate it.
I am considering your comments, and would like to take a couple of moments to write you back.

My Facebook comments are purposely general, in hopes that people will consider, and possibly initiate conversation (as you have done, which is another reason that I am pleased.)
As a rule, I do not use FB for anything other than social use, I am careful not to be too inflammatory.

My blog however, is a different story. On my blog, (which is tailored to a specific audience) and on the Black Preaching Network site before I quit that, (BPN, which is more peer to peer interaction)) I am definitely confrontational, especially on issues of doctrine, practice and ministry focus. I believe that 2 Tim 2:15 is a mandate for all of us.
I do this in personal conversations and communications as well. As a Pastor/Teacher/colleague/brother in Christ, it is my duty, responsibility and obligation.