Pragmatic Utilitarianism is an enemy of the cross

Pragmatic Utilitarianism defined:

Utilitarianism says, "do that which provides the greatest good for the greatest number." Pragmatism says, "Whatever works is what is good."
According to Alex Strekal:
"The arguments given by people to justify unethical acts are usually utilitarian, which is to say that a given act is defended on the grounds that it is beneficial to someone.
...Just because something may be beneficial to some people does not necessarily mean that it is justified...
Furthermore, and this is very important to stress, happiness is not the criteria by which we measure right and wrong. The happiness of a murderer may come from murdering, but surely we do not condone murder simply because it brings happiness to the murderer."

You may read the entire article here

This is usually explained as: The ends justifies the means...
But does it really?

Here is a good example,
The Praise band of New Spring church sings AC/DC’s ‘classic’ song, ‘Highway to Hell’ in their service:

There is so much that could be said here, but I will leave it up to you...
What say you fam?


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