14 days ago, I went back 27 years

So folks have been asking, so I'll put it out there. 40 odd days ago, my wife and I began to walk in the mornings. Those of you who have been following the journey have been keeping up with our updates, and encouraging us. It means more than you know...

14 days ago, I went back 27 years. What does that mean? in the 80's, I was a vegetarian, following a set of religious beliefs that I now know where erroneous. While I have not picked the beliefs back up, I have returned to the diet.

My daughter joined me 7 days ago. We are waiting on my wife.

What do I mean by vegetarian? If it is capable of independent movement, be it walking, running, swimming, flying or crawling, (or has the potential to) I do not eat it.

Yes, I who have been know to have 'a bowl of bacon', no longer touch the stuff.

Additionally, I now avoid processed food as much as I can, with the basic rule of thumb that if I cannot recognize what it grew out of the ground as, I won't eat it.

The goal of this? To be better at 50 then I was at 40, or even 30.

I take several medications each day, meds that could, according to my Dr. ALL BE STOPPED, if I were to lose weight. Instread I was gaining. One morning, about a year ago, I was walking to the train station, stepped up on the curb, and when my foot came down I could feel the additional weight. I thought to myself, as I had many times before... 'Well, it's time to adjust. Another 10 pounds are on here'
In that moment, I heard a voice saying

'Don't adjust, change.'

I knew who it was.

The same one who told me that I was going to marry my wife, by having it come out of my mouth as I was about to sleep with another woman.

Can you say awkward?

The same one who, when I tried to argue over the death of my son, even as I held his little lifeless body , pulled rank on me.

I said: Why me?
He said 'Why Not You?

(In that moment, the foolish notion that somehow because I went to church, and did the 'Christian-like' things, I was exempt from trouble, was demolished completely. Yet another reason that I HATE the health/wealth/prosperity teaching...)

I said, 'But Lord it's my son'
He said, Well, how do you think I felt when it was My Son?

(That one crushed me, because His son went through what He did, partially because of me, so what could I say. I wrote a song years ago titled 'my name was on the nail', so I knew right what He was alluding to, ever so firmly but lovingly)

So I knew who was talking...

I heard Him, I agreed with Him, but I did nothing.

Mental assent without physical obedience is still sin, family...

But back to the change: Let me be clear, I hold to the Biblical view that man has dominion over all things, so I am not equating myself with cow, pig, goat, trout or chicken, but I am choosing to have and exercise dominion over myself.

In our Bible study tonight, I said that the smartest thing that we can do is obey God. It gives him glory, blesses us, and benefits the body of Christ.
That is my calling.
To obey God, not matter how difficult, inconvenient, uncomfortable or problematic it may be sometimes.
I can do no less than my best, for the one who gave His best for me.

Phase III is on the horizon too...
More about this as we go along.

Blessings all,


Hi Pastor Jermin.

I am Dr. Tim Rice. You graciously offered to review Psychology: A Christian Perspective. I would love to have your perspective on my perspective of the Christian perspective of psychology.

Please contact me with an email address or a mailing address so I can send you the book.

Thanks and regards,

Tim Rice

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