The Cludate Singer Speaks: Chapter 13

Disclaimer: The following story is an actual event, as all of the vignettes in the 'Clubdate Singer Speaks' series are. For 8 years, I was a member of one of the top Orchestras in the nation. Though it was an enjoyable time, it was also at times, quite painful. I took to writing initially to assuage my distress, and this is one of those times when the pen (or keyboard) proved to be a healing tool. I have considered publishing this series, and would appreciate your thoughts...

'Transformations…'  -  10/15/04

Thank God for Viagra……..
Yeah, I know where your mind is right now, but it ain’t like that.

A brother is perfectly capable, thank you.

What I mean to say, is that I want to thank all those older gentlemen who are using the 'little blue pill'.

Right On y’all!

You see, I played the Waldorf this week, a party that Pfizer threw to thank its 25 year employees. They have hired us for the past couple of years to play the party.

Why is this of any interest to you? Well, if you’re reading this, you’re at the very least interested in my travails as the Clubdate/Wedding singer, and this is an interesting story, which sums it up in a microcosm.

Here we go:

I left my job at Major Urban University and tried to hail a cab.
I fully expected to be waiting for a while, as the stereotype is in fact true… Black men can’t get cabs in NYC. I have vivid recollections of the test that Fox News did a couple of years ago. New York City cabs driving by Danny Glover to pick up a white man who just happened to be a convicted murderer. Even when Danny stood there with a baby in his arms, they drove past him to pick up the white man. Finally in the worst indignity, they dressed the white man as a clown. Sure enough, a cab drove past Danny Glover, to pick up a convicted murderer dressed as a clown…

Anyway, I stood on the corner and waited…

Believe it or not, the first available cab stopped for me!!!

Transformation Number One:
As we rode uptown, I changed out of my casual shirt, and put on my tuxedo shirt, jacket and tie. Can’t forget the shades, baby..
The cab driver watched this transformation with raised eyebrows, as we chit-chatted on the way uptown. When we reached the Hotel, he pulled in front, the bellman opened the door, and out I stepped. People stared, wondering who I was, as I casually tipped the bellman, and strolled into the Waldorf.

Transformation Number Two:
My cool didn’t last long as I struggled in the door with my bags.
A man held the door for me as I got in, then asked me….
Where he could pick his bags up so that he could spare me the effort of having
To get them for him……

From casual guy to celebrity to porter in 30 minutes….


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