China's Underground Churches

while we are here, arguing over semantics, disputing doctrinal minutae, and chasing the dollar almighty, our brethren in China are literally laying down their very lives for the Gospel.
Hebrews 11 is being repeated in our days...
While we are here naming and claiming houses and land, and bigger cars. Where we make sure that our 'Pastors' have jets, 3500 seat sanctuaries with plush seating, and the like, there are literally underground seminaries, where people spend 16 1/2 hours a day studying scripture in hand dug, underground caves.
I am swiftly coming to believe that in many ways, they are better off than we beloved. Why? Because they are connecting to God in a way that goes far beyond the comfortable day to day, and God honors that.

Part 1
"I was not arrested because I committed a crime. I was taken to jail because I'm a Christian.
But that's all right, because I understand that when we suffer the Lord will have glory because His people stand up for Him..."

Part 2
"I am a teacher in the underground Bible school. During the year I only see the sun and the sky for 6 days, when we have a break from the training. Every 6 months we train 80 to 100 students. The training is intensive; Every day from 5:30am to 10:pm non stop. The underground is about 15' by 15', only 2 meals a day... Many times we eat the food for feeding pigs..."

Part 3
"Every time I'm in prison the Lord is with me. He comforts me and gives me the courage and strength to survive."
"Suffering helps me to grow Spiritually.It is beneficial to me and to the church.. It is my wealth on the earth..."


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