The Campaign for President is over....

It is with a heavy heart that I announce today, the withdrawal of my candidacy for the Office of President of the United States of America. Though I am sure that my insight and experience would have been an invaluable resource, and my proven leadership abilities are what is necessary to lead this great nation into its great future, a lack of funding, and my concerns for the welfare (and privacy) of my family and friends, makes it impossible for me to continue.(Thank you to the Bean consulting group for all their help)

Surveying the bleak political landscape and the remaining candidates, I have not found a suitable substitute, so I am not going to endorse anyone at the moment. I have been contacted via email by the Obama camp, seeking my endorsement, but it was under the pseudonym that I used to sign up for the email updates from Sen. Obama’s campaign, so they have no idea who I am….

I would like to thank the 5 people that pledged their support and their votes, the numerous people who sincerely believed that I was joking, and even those who paid me no mind whatsoever. I would ask of you that the same support that you gave me, you would give to the candidate that you will choose as a (poor) replacement for me…

I am looking forward at this time to the 2012 Presidential election, and can only hope for a more positive campaign and outcome.

Thank You all


CTB Jermin said…
Whew! I am so glad you dropped out. We at the Obama campaign were getting very worried. Please know that we will place you on the VP list. The vetting will begin.... well, we will let you know. Regards CTBJ

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