The struggle that many of us face is the inability to do all that we would like to (particularly financially/materially) for our families and loved ones, and the accompanying feelings of inability and failure.
 Yes, part of it can be attributed to the sub-conscious comparing with others that we tend to do. Part of it is also the standards that we hold ourselves to, based on how we tend to measure/define ‘success’.
These measures/definitions  are entirely arbitrary, yes, but nonetheless real.
The lines of demarcation are ethereal to be sure, but at times the reality of our situations can be as confining as titanium bars.
I wish that I could provide such that my wife and daughter lacked nothing, and could obtain, even on a whim, whatsoever they desired. I cannot.
I wish that money was not an issue, a confinement that weighs into nearly every decision that must be made. But it is. C’est la vie, c’est le guerre.
There are times when I look about me, and I cannot see what I have, for what I need, and secondarily what I want.  Normally on the periphery, at times the needs & wants seem to grow, and consume the entire scope of my vision, much like when the shadows overtake the fading light.
Certainly, these days are few and far between, for I am well aware that in many ways I am blessed and I am totally grateful. I cannot, for example, imagine the utter despair of watching helpless while your child starves to death in front of you, or the horror of being unable to afford medication for your sick wife, and watching her die from an entirely preventable, and easily curable illness.
But some days…

Ok, pity party over. Back to work.


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