Who needs Cable TV when you've got ‘Chuch’ ??

By the way, for those who don't understand why I don't have 'Cable' or any TV service for that matter: Who needs it when I can just look at what 'Chuch (purposely spelled) Folk' do, for all the real life drama that I could possibly want and then some...

Since for the most part, dudes want power, they act like 'Mad Men’, and it's always some ‘Game of Thrones’ type thing, when you watch these pastors on their money grab, and since they've got ‘Criminal Minds’ someone’s always ‘Breaking Bad’ with somebody who they shouldn't be with, resulting in some ‘Scandal’ or the other.

The people who go to these places get trapped ‘Under the Dome’ and the Pastor becomes their ‘Person of Interest’ or their ‘American Idol’, and the Pastor takes the place of God. The Preaching stays ‘Elementary’ so that they can entertain and grow ‘The Following’, putting up ‘Pretty Little Liars’ who tell the folk just what their itching ears want to hear, since they want to act like they've only got ‘One Life to Live’.

As such they stay on milk and suffer from ‘Arrested Development’ and don’t realize that they’re actually ‘The Walking Dead.’ That is, until the Pastor gets exposed, or trouble comes and the theology collapses like the ‘House of Cards’ that it is, and then the sheeple are off to the next ‘move of god’ like it’s ‘The Amazing Race’. 
Who needs TV when you've got ‘Chuch’ smh…

Even so Come Lord Jesus!


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