Phones... A CTJ classic joint

This piece was written in July of 2006. Anyone who has ever done any kind of customer service will recognize the scenario...


phone rings
shards of broken glass
hit my ears. try to be polite

she is yelling, ...oh no...

want to say 'Go away',  instead say
"How may I help you?" with a smile.

What did you say your name was?

want to say
'You weren't listening because your behind was screaming.'

"Cyril, C-Y-R-I-L"

"PHIL? ok PHIL...
You people need to..."

teeth clench...
I close my eyes
and begin to fade,
the cruise ship docks and I am in Bermuda, going to my cousin's house near the beach.

Just as I relax, I hear her, like a growling dog.
but my peace is restored.
I am nice and polite. 
I give her the 15 second answer to her 10 second question (surrounded by 5 minutes of griping).

"Thanks Phil, you've been a great help."
I wipe the blood from my ears...

phone rings
shards of broken glass....


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