Confronting my fears using poetry...

Today I met my phobia,
Today I saw my fears,
For today I saw a brother,
With an afro in his ears…

At first it prompted wonder
But then it caused me tears
‘cause I NEVER want to be a man
With an afro in his ears…

Not grey and sparce like the others
This hair grew black and strong,
Not thinning like the top of his head
This hair was thick and long…

It stood out proudly as he walked
A sight for all to see,
But while it clearly lifted him
It nearly paralyzed me.

For I desire not ‘nary a one
From my own ears to sprout
And as soon as I catch sight of one
I’m quick to pull it out

Not so this brother, not this man
His happiness is clear
To have it bushy, black and long
That afro in his ears…

© CT Jermin 2012


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