African Americans for Obama: (and the rest of the latest indignities)

African Americans for Obama: (This makes me So Angry I could spit...)

If you criticize TD Jakes, you're an Uncle Tom: NYTN breaks it down...

'Black Calvinist' weighs in...


Jay said…
For what it's worth, I'm really glad you posted all of this. As a white dude, I've always felt like theological controversy in the black church was inaccessible to me, as though I would be intruding if I were to enter the discussion. One of the main reasons I have that hesitation is the angry reaction I got from a black pastor when I sat down with him to discuss the way he was mishandling some texts.

I feel such compassion for black folks. I really want to bridge the divide between white Christianity and black Christianity, but I really have no idea how to reach out to people without being misinterpreted. Actually, that's not entirely true. I've done several years of inner city youth work, which of course primarily entailed ministering to black teens. But I could sense the transition to a certain touchiness and race-consciousness as they approached adulthood, and I never quite figured out how to defuse that tension.

What do you think about methods of interracial bridge-building? How do white Christians reach out without seeming like they're attacking the rich heritage of black Christian culture, or trying to subsume it into "white" modes of Christian life?

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