I dream of a Reformed 'Black' Church II

In His seminal work: 'On being Black and Reformed'Anthony Carter (Pastor of East Point Church in East Point Ga.) discusses the compatibility of African-American people and Reformed Theology.

In one chapter he makes the case, noting that African-American theology, like Reformed Theology, is Experiential, Historical and Biblical. This got me thinking about what issues I have with 'church today' and I saw it clearly.
We (so-called Black Christians) have placed too much weight on the wrong end of the stick. What I mean is that we (in the so-called Black Church)  have by and large, given supremacy to our experiences and culture, and we mistakenly interpret the Bible through this lens. (While this is true of many believers of different ethnicities, I am dealing specifically with the 'black church' at the moment)

It is, in my estimation, a kind of culturo-experiential eisegesis which does a disservice to our flocks, and more importantly dishonors the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Until this practice is ceased, we can never be whole, we can never truly acheive, never really become...

As long as our beliefs are shaped by our feelings and not by the Word of the Living God, as long as our experiences carry more weight and legitimacy than the scriptures when it comes to our theology, we'll continue to be 'ever learning but never coming into the knowledge of the truth'

Here's a simple chart to make it clear... In order of importance:


I have a dream...


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