An open letter to those who think I am too hard...

and feel led to send me notes cautioning me…

Thanks for taking the time to write me, I REALLY appreciate it.
I am considering your comments, and would like to take a couple of moments to write you back.

My Facebook comments are purposely general, in hopes that people will consider, and possibly initiate conversation (as you have done, which is another reason that I am pleased.)
As a rule, I do not use FB for anything other than social use, I am careful not to be too inflammatory.

My blog however, is a different story. On my blog, (which is tailored to a specific audience) and on the Black Preaching Network site before I quit that, (BPN, which is more peer to peer interaction)) I am definitely confrontational, especially on issues of doctrine, practice and ministry focus. I believe that 2 Tim 2:15 is a mandate for all of us.
I do this in personal conversations and communications as well. As a Pastor/Teacher/colleague/brother in Christ, it is my duty, responsibility and obligation.

I have come to understand that most of the Evangelical church today follows a mega-focused, seeker-sensitive, humanistic-leaning, prosperity-preaching, personality-driven model, and I am not in agreement with that at all.
My mandate from the Lord is to ‘build the people, not the building’. Being prayerful, honest, caring, and scripturally honest and accurate is a big part of that.

This I believe is in keeping with the teachings of Jesus. Matthew 23 is a great example. When confronting those who claimed to be teachers/priests, etcetera, Jesus minced no words. Neither should we.

There are a growing number of us who God is raising up to speak/sing/preach in a prophetic voice to this country and the world at large, and the message is repent. Do a 180, and return to your first love and work.

As to your question re: whether I have looked back on previous things I have taught and believed, and seen that my understanding has changed, the answer is absolutely YES.

A good example of this is my understanding of Romans 12:2:
And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. (KJV)

I was taught, believed, and I myself taught others, that there were three levels of God’s will, the good the acceptable and the perfect. This was clearly an errant teaching in that there is but one will of God, and it is good, acceptable and perfect.

We must be vigilant to study and rightly divide the word. Not enough of us are, and even a cursory listen at preachers today bears that contention out. This is why we continue to pray and study, LOL…

Nobody was/is born perfect except Yahshuah, so I know I have my share of issues, without question.

Many times, the beam in my eye becomes a good teaching tool.

That does not mean that we are silent on the issues. We must still stand and cry out.
Recently, I taught on Matthew 7:1, which everyone, even the unsaved know and are quick to shout out. The problem is, for the most part we take it out of context. Contrary to the current popular interpretation, we are to speak, preach, cry out to the church and to the culture that truth is absolute, that right is right and wrong is wrong, and as my Mom says, call a spade a spade.

Family, we live in a time where 60-70% of our youth leave the church after their freshman year of College and do not return. Why? For one, we have failed to instill in them a Biblical worldview, because many of us do not have one ourselves. Simply put, there is not much of a difference between the secular humanist doctrines, and that which presents itself as ‘christianity’ today. A quick look at the statistics on marriage & divorce point that out very clearly.

This is an age very similar to Isaiah’s, in that truth has fallen in the street, and righteousness stands afar off and cannot enter (Isaiah 59:14), and we do not understand that we are the standard that the Spirit of the Lord raises up when the enemy comes in like a flood (Isaiah 59:19). This is why, in the church today, some of our top preachers believe a different gospel and we do not question them. We do not know the Word ourselves, so we discern see the differences.

Ok, I am gonna stop before your eyes drop out from all this reading. When you can, please write back, as I would like to continue this conversation.

Thanks again, fam

Love & Blessings


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