Timeline of the Eddie Long 8 am statement...

6:45 am - I log on into the Stream of New Birth Missionary Baptist, to hear what Bishop Long is going to say. Yes service starts at 8, but in case the stream runs out of bandwidth, I want to be in…

- The stream begins a little late, and opens into a fiery passionate song of Praise. There is passion, and power in the song. There is a lot of hope, and a lot of worry in the room. It is tangible.. The Worship Leader is defiant, pumped up

8:14 - “You are the everlasting God, you’re the defender of the weak. Nothing is impossible for you, you hold my world in your hands. “The focus has turned to God, and the people pour out their hearts, and their hopes. But then the focus shifts from God, back to man, as they declare “Our god is this… Our God is that… and if our God is for us, then who could ever stop us, and if our God is with us, that what can stand against us”

– My Wife says… I wonder if anyone is considering the possibility that this is of God. (the situation). We recall the post 9/11 need that we felt in the room of our then church. People flooded the place, looking for ‘something’, looking for God that to let them know that it would be all right. That HE would make it all right…

8:20 - Praise and Worship is over. Another comes up to pray, and declares that God is King, and Lord. High and Lifted up. He says that today is about nothing else but God’s glory, not about a man, and people go wild. He quotes from Isaiah 6, and then says that 'we’re not here to spectate.' People go wild again… he prays that God would have His way.

8:24 - He calls Bishop Long ‘The set Apostle’ of this house, and prays that God would perfect the things that concern him. The crowd goes wild again. The man declares that New Birth is on a journey, and that today marks the end of 21 days of fasting.
He then instructs the people to repeat after him, and declares breakage of debt, quoting Joel 2:25, and it becomes all about finances. It would appear that after 21 days of fasting, one would seek God’s instruction but this is the way of the house, speaking and declaring… 2 cor 8:9, is then taken out of context. People declare that they will believe the profits and prosper, . Then more scripture is twisted, Prooftexting galore, grabbed from Old and New Testament.

8:26 - Now another elder ‘Harris’ gets ready to confess healing and health. New thinking brings health… and it continues… he rebukes and casts out spirits of cancer, diabetes, HBP , lupus Alzheimer's, and much more “I loose myself of all heart attacks rooted in fear. Bone disease is rooted in jealousy and envy.”
8:30 - People have taken their seats, time for the choir anthem. ‘Let everything that has breath. Praise HIM’

8:35 – A special announcement. Video of a hospice in South Africa. Bishop Long is there, promising to help.

8:38 – The woman who runs the hospice, flown in from South Africa, comes up, but says nothing. Literally. Not sure why they flew her in, or what she was supposed to say. She seems too overcome to speak.

- Bernice King comes up to take up the offering. Quotes Malachi indirectly. Says that your money is your seed, that money comes from trees, and says that we have to shift our thinking. So give, expecting a harvest. It may not be money, but it could be favor, health, advancement and promotion, better relationship in your family. Declare over your seed… Father in the name of Jesus Hold it in faith, sow it in obedience, return into our lives and into your bloodline, releasing generation in our bloodline. Offering song: Faithful is our God I rejoice today, for I have recovered it all…
Personally, I am nauseous…

- The choir is still singing. … 'He did it Suddenly…'

- all of a sudden, the volume in the room increases. I have a feeling it is not for God. I am right… It is William Murphy, and he gives scriptural context to the song as he takes them back in to the song. He did it… Suddenly… His reference, the woman with the issue of blood. Then he says, ‘Lose your mind for 30 seconds. Somebody open your mouth and shabanda.’ Bishop long walks up in the midst…

9:00 - The shouts for God, turn into shouts for Bishop, as he and Vanessa take the pulpit… Then he escorts her away, comes back alone, the crowd goes wild… He puts on his glasses…Takes them back off, and acknowledges the Love in the room… Turns and faces the choir and musicians. He exhorts the band, and the band sets the mood. He is clearly drawing strength in the moment

9:04 – He begins ”Good morning New Birth, and good morning to all our other guests. (The crowd goes wild). And I would be remiss not to say good morning to the world. You may be seated in the presence of the Lord. I would like to remind folks that we are here at 8 Every Sunday morning, Ere Sunday morning, and I’ll be here next week. (crowd goes wild) First of all let me think you on behalf of my wife & family, for love and support, Humbled by love . I realize that many have been waiting on me to say something, and I have to do… (crowd goes wild…) My first responsibility, was to my family, and uh, (applause) and then my next responsibility is not to address the world before I address my family, New Birth. (crowd goes wild) Someone shouts out ‘Love you Dad’, Long responds ‘Love you son’. Because I am pastor I want to talk to you for a moment , make a statement. Picks up I-Pad (PRIDE AND ARROGANCE are all over the stage emanating from him. It is awesome in its terror) I cannot type verbatim any longer, as I watch the spectacle unfold…
Extremely difficult time for me and my family, extremely difficult time for you, b/c many have called you, asked you questions. You ain't never got this many phone calls in your life. It is a time when you see the veil drop and see whose with you. (crowd goes wild) As a pastor I wanna make this statement, etc… Thanks sons daughters, pastors, etc. (Manipulation, smugness and control. He is in his element now for sure. His confidence is rising)

– Says that his message today is: How to handle painful and difficult situations… Sermon comes from - Ps 34:19 – many are the afflictions of the righteous. I’ll speak to my family first then tell the rest of you what you came to hear. (Crowd goes wild) (ANGER AND DEFIANCE, SMUGNESS)

9:16 - How to handle a painful situation: You can curse it, nurse it, rehearse it or reverse it . (I am saying it along with him, knowing what the next word will be. Guess I do have some ‘preacha’ in me…smh) Quotes Psalm 23. Speaks of Power: Prayer, Outreach, Worship, Encouragement, and Resolve

THEN IT HAPPENS: The Statement…

9:21 - I have never portrayed myself as a perfect man, but I am not the man portrayed on the television. (Crowd goes wild)..By the counsel of my lawyers, I am not going to try this case in the media, it will be tried in the courts of justice. It’s the only place that I’m gonna get justice. That and the courts of God. I’ve been accused, I’m under attack. I’m not a perfect man, but this thing, I’m gonna fight. I feel like David against Goliath, but I’ve got 5 rocks, and I ain’t thrown one yet… Slams mic down, ala Rakim, and walks off the stage… (Crowd goes wild…)

9:23 – Choir stars singing. God is an awesome God…

9:29 – My Wife says: Comparing yourself to David is dangerous. … because David did some awful things. Elder comes up, and says. “We stand behind our pastor. There’s a period at the end of that sentence”. He then offers..

- An altar call for people who want either salvation of church membership… no one comes up... (Wife and I are appalled)

9:31 - Band playing horn vamp from Jungle Boogie by Kool and the Gang… seems apropos. It’s a jungle…

He didn't say, 'I didn't do it.' Why not?
Just a simple.'I didn't do it.' Why not?
His obvious lack of a denial is something lost on the thronging, hungry mass of sheeple who hang on his every word, but do not HEAR what he says. How sad. This is going to be a mess


Steve Finnell said…
you are invited to follow my blog
The primary goal of a person infected by pride is to escape judgment by any means his corrupted wisdom can think of. The irony is that said person then proceeds to flee, with all their might, from the only way to actually accomplish the freedom they seek. Depending on the depths of his hubris, this sprint away from the throne of mercy toward the throne of judgment can last a very long time.

Another irony is that both thrones are at the same place. Humility allows one to find mercy just by dropping to their knees and submitting themselves in repentance. Pride makes that person flee from that mercy until they expire, or at the very least until maximum damage to themselves and those who love them has been inflicted. In both cases, the person ends up at the same place they would have found themselves had they but submitted to the will of God; at His feet.

I wonder where Eddie Long's stamina will take him in his flight.
covnitkepr1 said…
I’ve enjoyed looking over your blog. I came across it through another blog I follow. Feel free to look over my blog and perhaps become a follower of it.
DJ Undershep said…
My oh my. No denial, huh? Pomp and circumstance but no denial. You think we'd know better by now.

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