The Clubdate Singer Speaks: Chapter 7

Disclaimer: The following story is an actual event, as all of the vignettes in the 'Clubdate Singer Speaks' series are. For 8 years, I was a member of one of the top Orchestras in the nation. Though it was an enjoyable time, it was also at times, quite painful. I took to writing initially to assuage my distress, and this is one of those times when the pen (or keyboard) proved to be a healing tool. I have considered publishing this series, and would appreciate your thoughts...
"Soul Sister, White Sugar* " - Summer 2003
*With apologies to Sam & Dave

She had the sweetest smile on her face, even as the most ridiculous words came out of her mouth. The band was hot, so was the night. Maybe that's why she drank a little too much. Actually I hope she was drunk. I don't blame her really, in fact I wasn't offended. She meant well. Really.

"You know, I was black in a past life. I know because I have rhythm, and I like soul food. My friends are always teasing me because I like ribs and chitlins"
- YES, SHE REALLY SAID THIS, VERBATIM. You can't make this stuff up. She wasn't done yet.
"You know, for a black guy with earrings in both ears, you do a mean Sinatra."
I know that you want to know what I was doing or saying during this...
Well, because I'm a black man in America, I have mastered the art of the innocuous non-threatening bemused glance, and the benign smile. But it is not enough sometimes, therefore I'm learning to:

a- Shut down certain parts of me in order to function
(I thought I had this down, but I am finding that it is NOT like riding a bike. You must keep at it in order to keep your skills fresh)
b- Take certain people and things at face value.
(This is an EXTREMELY useful and necessary skill)

Soul Sister said a couple of other things that escape me now. Really, it was a rather pleasant conversation. I didn't once get the impression that she was insincere, in fact I honestly believe that Soul Sister meant every word she said...

By the way, I've decided that I am in love with Damali Ayo, the incredible artist behind In fact, I want her to hire me as an East Coast rep.

So Ms. Ayo, if you ever need a well-educated, well-spoken negro, with considerable on-site white-accessibility training, to represent the company here on the Atlantic side, please let me know....


sierra said…
Can't begin to tell you how much this reminds me of someone I know.

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