No, Mr. President II

"The average citizen in a democracy is like a deaf spectator sitting in the back row of a sporting event: He does not know what is happening, why it is happening, what ought to happen; he lives in a world that he cannot see, does not understand, and is unable to direct." - Walter Lippmann, pundit/public philosopher - 1924

Everyone knows by now, that I did not support this candidate during his historic campaign. I do not support him during his historic Presidency either. This is because my allegiance is first to the Cross of Christ, before my ethnicity, before my political identification, and all the rest of the myriad demographic identifiers we manufacture as a society.
One of the problems that Pres. Obama faces now is trying to make good on the various and sundry, and sometimes opposing campaign promises that he made is that he made promises to the gay community and now the bill is come due.

While we're on the subject of homosexuality...

In light of the whole 'Gay penguin debacle', I present to you:
Charlene Cothran's Testimony:

Wait, you don't know what I'm talking about do you, dear reader? Well here it is, Two of the pairs of so-called 'gay' penguins, have apparently broken up after 6 years 'together' once a female became available. This happened in New York, and in San Francisco So those who would point to this 'naturally occurring homosexuality' in the wild, have been remarkably silent about this.
Does this mean that (since the gay apologists point to this penguin behavior to somehow legitimize theirs) that you can 'switch'?

Listen to Charlene Cothran's Testimony:

Charlene and Laurel from P4CM (Passion for Christ Ministries)

Here is a link to her magazine
Here is a link to her ministry's website


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