No, Mr. President by John Piper

This needs no explanation...

Pray, people. Pray


nuChik said…
I know this may be a little late but...

I've heard all the arguments against President Obama's decision and I understand them all - and while I'm NOT for abortion AS A FORM OF BIRTH CONTROL, I don't feel abortion should be considered 100% illegal in EVERY CASE, every where in the country.

And one point President Obama made is that government should NOT interfere with the decision of what one does with their body; in that case why not make ALCOHOL illegal? It's killing innocent people by the THOUSANDS every year between drunk driving and alcoholism (just ask Patrick Swayze, for one of million). Or make cigarettes ILLEGAL since it's causing the nation millions in cancer care caused by nicotine.

Those will never be illegal because they BRING MONEY INTO THIS COUNTRY. So I feel if people want to say abortion should be banned, then by all means let ban EVERYTHING that's murdering people...not just 'the obvious'.
nuChik said…
By the way Cyril, that's me above (Chelena)

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