4 oranges.

While you are complaining about $5 gas, and rising food prices. Stop and consider for moment, Zimbabwe. This week, facing 2.2 MILLION% inflation, yes 2.2 MILLION% inflation, released the first ever Z$100 BILLION note....
Independent economists, however, believe the official inflation figure is grossly understated, estimating it could be running between 10-million and 15-million percent.

Zimbabwe's chronic economic crisis has left at least 80% of the population living below the poverty threshold and mass shortages of basic goods in shops.

The new bill issue continues a trend which began In January,when a Z$10-million note was issued, then a Z$50-million note in April. In May, notes for Z$100-million and Z$250-million were issued, swiftly followed by those for Z$5-billion, Z$25-billion and Z$50-billion.
Some perspective for you: Cell phone minutes cost about Z$4 Million, and the new Z$100 Billion note will buy about... 4 oranges.

There is no need for commentary ... At least not from me. What say you?


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