I had to rethink my position when Brownie & Cream moved in…

Brownie & Cream are my daughter’s new Hamsters. They are cute.

I made a promise to my daughter that once we returned from Germany I would get hamsters for her. I kept my word…..

We traveled for miles to get to the store, purchased the hamsters, and I even had to complete paperwork attesting to my ability to care for the ‘animal companions’ that I was purchasing. We watched as the salesman opened the aquarium that they were housed in, and pulled them, one by one from their home, and placed them in a cardboard box. They were VERY upset about it.

They were not coming of their own volition, but complain though they did, it was beyond their control. They belong to my daughter now…

We went all out for the new additions, we bought the “Critter Trail II” Duplex home, with the silent exercise wheel, and the “Loop-D-Loop” add on. The jumbo sized bedding, and the deluxe, specially blended hamster food, I mean we went all out…

When we brought them home we assembled the home, furnished it, and carefully placed its new occupants inside. After a few tense minutes, they began to explore and lay claim to their new abode. Brownie, the more outgoing and rambunctious one, set about climbing the upper reaches of the ‘home’ examining every inch, and when she got the chance, she bit my daughter, drawing blood and a flood of tears. But we forgave her, she was frightened. Cream, the more cautious one, hovered over, then in, the food tray making sure that she could eat until she was satisfied and then began to look around.

Over the past few days, they have adjusted well, we are learning more about them, and they are bringing great joy to my daughter….

We are now responsible for their care and well-being, feeding watering, cleaning their waste, refreshing their bedding, doing what we must to protect and care for them….

Why have they caused me to rethink my position?

Because we have mice.

I did not pay for the mice, they were free. They came of their own volition, without my permission… They do not ask for anything, nor do they exist for my amusement. They are the illegal immigrants in my home.

I am responsible for their capture and destruction, trapping, poisoning, cleaning their waste, discarding their bedding, doing what I must to protect and care for my home…

For the hamsters; food, water, shelter, sanitation, entertainment, care, concern and love

For the mice; baited traps, cruel, terrifying imprisonment, trial without representation, in fact no trial at all, deportation and often death.

What is the difference? Why are the hamsters loved and accepted, while the mice are hated and vilified? They look practically the same, except for their color….

They do the same things, have the same basic needs.

Why is that?

One lives in a duplex high up on the dresser that has a health club, a gourmet catered café, warming light and full amenities. The other lives on the floor, under the radiator, scrounges In the garbage for food, and barely ekes out an existence.

Why is that?



12/08/09 Kyla's birthday. Brownie died at about 1:40 pm... RIP

Cream died about 3 months ago

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